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Running it Back: Sports Speak Fantasy Football Draft 2.0 is a GO!

Let the fun begin... Kick back and watch LIVE on YouTube on Friday September 1st at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, as 12 of your favorite Sports Speak personalities participate in the second annual Sports Speak Fantasy Football Draft.

But this isn't just any ordinary draft. Nearly every round will have a twist, a randomly selected gimmick that influences the picks, cosmically shaking up the expected order of players picked. Some of last year's gimmicks included drafting someone from your least favorite team, drafting a player that attended your college, drafting a ginger, or perhaps most chaotic of all, having the person behind you in the draft order make the selection for you (something Zoe knows all too well).

The league's 2023 iteration will feature eight returning competitors (Sports Speak Live co-hosts Eddie Kalegi and Tim Moore, along with contributors Rahill Jaiswal, Zoe Alter, Drew Jewah, Andrew Bellows, Tyler Glass, and Ryan Minneker). With the network's latest content expansion, the league will have four new participants, as Motorsports Today contributor Adam Tropper, Motorsports Today writer Ethan Hoffman, Totally Goated Podcast host Brett Hawn, and Sports Speak Live contributor Hayley Galindo will join the field.

The 2022 season was dramatic to say the least, highlighted by Minneker's inability to win a game after picking a few too many Denver Broncos, and Eddie's heartbreaking Monday Night Football collapse to fall from a 90% chance to get the 2-seed to missing the postseason altogether. Rahill's squad, who dropped just one game in the regular season, faltered in the semifinals, with Andrew Bellows' team besting the other two 10-4 clubs to hoist the trophy.

Your favorite sports personalities, a wild draft filled with twists and turns in every round, and a season with everything on the line: it doesn't get much better than that, now does it?

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