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Sports Speak Live's Ball Knowers' Showdown Premieres this Week!!!

This week, eight of your favorite Sports Speak contributors will be competing in the inaugural Ball Knowers' Showdown, hosted by Eddie Kalegi!!! The elimination style doubles trivia tournament will test knowledge on various sports topics, with some twists and turns along the way!!!

In the opening round, Totally Goated host Brett Hawn will pair with Nick Pocchia to face off with Ryan Minneker and Vinny Iacavazzi. Then, Sports Speak Live co-host Tim Moore partners with Tyler Glass to battle Alec Crouthamel and Adam Tropper. The losers will then square off in the third place game before the two winning teams compete for the first Ball Knowers' Showdown championship.

The episode will be recorded on Tuesday night and premiere on YouTube on Wednesday at 8:00 PM ET. Don't miss it!

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